• Structure
  • The turbo blower from NAMWON TURBOONE has the structure shown above.
  • Filter
  • Using 45T medium filter as a main filter and non-woven fiber as a pre-filter realizes high collection efficiency and low pressure loss.
  • Main Filter
  • Sound absorbing material
  • 25T sound absorbing material and 2T sound insulation material are used to reduce noise level. Therefore, there is no need for extra acoustic enclosure.
  • Sound adsorbing material
    Sound insulation materials
  • LCD touch display
  • easy to use and control due to multi-language support touch screen. You can monitor the measurements such as pressure, air flow, RPM, temperature at the touch display.
  • Air Inlet Type
  • There are two types of air inlet - plain type and flange type. Inlet air of plain type blowers comes from the blower room. On the other hand, inlet air of flange type blowers comes through the pipe. You can choose the type according to the installation site.
  • Plain Type
    Flange Type

Privacy Policy

NAMWON TUBOONE INC complies with the following principles for the protection of personal information and privacy

First, we will comply with all relevant statutes and international standards for the protection of personal information.

NAMWON TUBOONE INC thoroughly complies with the Personal Information Protection Decree, including the Personal Information Protection Act, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, and the Act on the Protection and Use of Location Information.

Second, it always makes the processing of personal information transparent.

NAMWON TUBOONE INC makes it clear for what purpose the personal information it collects for service delivery purposes, how it is managed, and when it is destroyed.

Third, we collect personal information as a minimum and manage the personal information we have responsibly.

NAMWON TUBOONE INC will collect the minimum amount of Personal Information required during the course of the consultation. In other words, NAMWON TUBOONE INC collects minimum personal information only when it is required to provide its services, and controls the collected personal information to the best of its ability.

Fourth, we consider privacy protection as a top priority, beyond our legal responsibilities and obligations for protecting personal information protection.

The Company makes every responsibility and obligation to protect its Personal Information Protection.